Erfahrungen zum Studium Water Management an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

 Rita Lemos

Hello, my name is Rita Lemos and I am an international student from Portugal currently studying Water Management at the Hz, in this wonderful country called Netherlands. Ever since I can remember, I always liked biology and chemistry, thus why I always directed my studies to where these subjects would have a high focus.

I first saw the Hz brochure in an international fair for people who are interested in going abroad to study. I got interested and went to an presentation hosted by a Portuguese organization, Global Plaza, with the coordinator of the International Relations of the Hz, Mr. van der Mark. Two years later, I jumped into the adventure of studying abroad.

I was quite impressed right in the beginning by the amount of practical lessons and how much we learned in them, it wasn’t only about doing something demanded, but being encourage to pursue more knowledge, to broaden your horizons and to think out of your box. The environment of the classes is both respectful and encouraging, you are there because you want to learn, you want to know more, the teacher has a good presence in your projects and is there not only as a mentor but to direct you in the right direction when you need to. Obviously like any study, it will involve work also, but dedication in here pays off.

About the location, Vlissingen is a small city, you have everything you need. As a Portuguese, I felt quite at ease once I overcame the difference of temperatures and learned how to ride a bike properly. The Portuguese community seems to be growing as the time goes by, there is already both Portuguese restaurant and a Portuguese shop, where you can buy most of your Portuguese products, including the sweets. If you feel that the small city is trapping you, the solution is at 20 minutes distance by bike or bus, take your bike and go to the bigger city in Middelburg.

It wasn’t very hard to find the accommodation, L’escaut provides a good first semester accommodation, thought it is a bit pricey, specially considering that you have to pay the first 5 months in a row. However, you get 5 months to search for another place to stay (or you can ask for another semester in the l’escaut), and after meeting some people you will have it easier in searching the new accommodation.

I am currently on my second semester and enjoying my studies, in overall it overcame my first expectations and I am quite pleased at my decision of coming here.

We thank Rita Lemos for the Interview!

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